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Special Documentary 「Dream of a Left-Handed Man」 Korea's First Hand Transplant Surgery, for Hope! 1. Purpose of the program /Dr. Woo Sang-hyun / Surgeon in hand microsurery "when I performed hand transplant operation, I was very worried because hand was not one of the legally transplantable organs.The biggest difference after the surgery is that 'hand' has been legalized for transplants as a complex tissue in Korea. It is very satisfying and proud that due to our operation, the law for organ transplantation has changed." Mr. Son jin wook lost his left hand in his 30s while working in a factory, 2 years ago. Hand transplantation was the last and only hope for him. In fact, hand transplantation was never tried in Korea. Thus, it was a meaningful and risky challenge not only for the recipient(Mr.son) but for the medical team. On Feb. 2nd 2017, Dr. Woo, the president of W hospital and the medical team performed the hand transplant surgery for the recipient, Mr. Son. It was a major operation, with both expectations and concerns. Over 10 members of medical team had performed the hand transplant operation, connecting tendons, neurons, veins, arteries, and skin tissues. It continued nearly 10 hours and resulted in a great success. And he showed progress in his recovery and he got another chance to live for better life. In 2017. July, He throw the first pitch at the korean pro-baseball game after the surgery. He does lots of social activities and He is now living in a hope with a goal of getting a license for Industrial Engineer Industrial Safety. Hand transplantation may not be a matter of dying. But it may be desperately needed for someone. It had never tried before in Korea, and some stood against the surgery saying that it's reckless. First in Korea, Local medical technology made the hand transplant success. We would like to show the process and the progress after a year of surgery. This program is a special documentary to talk about the potential power and the strength of local medicine which made successful result in the first hand transplant in Korea. Also, We wish to seek for both social and institutional changes though this documentary. 2. Contents of the program ○ February 2nd 2017, 10 hand-micro surgeons from W hospital (located in Daegu) and 25 members of medical team from Yeungnam University Hospital operated the first hand transplant in Korea. The hand transplant took nearly 10 hours, and ended up successfully. ○ This transplant operation could be possible as the bereaved family of brain-dead man decided to donate his organs. The hand was transplanted in order of bones, blood vessels, neurons, and finally skin tissues. Hand transplantation is a very complicated micro-inosculation surgery that 10 different departments had to take part in, including hand surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, transplantation surgery, and etc. Also, immunosuppression therapy was the most important part after operation is done. ○ After hand transplantation, the recipient had several common immune rejections. Despite the rejections, he tried to lead his daily life and took part in regular rehabilitation treatment. He recovered as mush as he could throw the first pitch at pro-baseball game on July 21st. 2017. Currently, he can wash his hair, drive a car, and thankfully he can find no difficulties in life. ○ Hand transplant was recognized as a new medical technology to improve quality of life by Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2010. There were difficulties to encourage transplantation of hand, since "hand" was not legally allowed to transplant according to 'Organ Transplantation Law' at the time of surgery. However, on April 21st 2017, 'Transplantation and Organs, Transplantation Ethics Committee', the affiliated organization of 'Ministry of Health and Welfare', decided to include hand and arm as parts of organ that could be transplanted. ○ In 'Regulatory Reform Meeting' presided by President Moon at Cheong Wa Dae(Blue House), members learned there are regulations do not cope with the pace of development in medical field. As the result, members agreed to allow transplanting face and arm which is delivered from brain-dead, and also lungs from live person on Jan 22th. 2018. Henceforth, - allows hand and arm as an organ which is transplantable. And It was enacted from August 2018.